Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Introducing The Cook

Hi, My family and neighbors call me Inday. I was well-known in the community as the soft-spoken, refine lady who didn't know well how to cook and didn't like staying at home. Yup, not a home-buddy at all. I liked visiting friends' house better and went outing. If you'll look for me, don't go to our house, you won't find me there. Just call me and I'll tell you where I am.

When I got married, everything's changed. Now, I learn to be independent and stand in my own feet. No more friends to hang out with because they are too far from me now. I used to live in Philippines, thousands of miles away. Yes, I'm a proud Pinoy!Married to a great guy. A proud Filipina Wife.
I gained friends here but we are not always together. Life here is different from where i came from. I got used to it. I can stay at home all day now and i can cook! Though the first tries of cooking weren't that good, I'm happy I can cook and let someone eat it.

I am creating this blog to share with you guys my story about cooking(mostly are embarassing) my recipes, and anything that relates with food. So I hope you can visit me from time to time cos this is my home now. No need to call anymore...


MAE SNAPP said...

i added you cher, and you're page made me hungry :)

Unknown said...

wow gwaps todo na jud na ha. tulo na kabook imo blogs. busy na jud ka ana ug samot. hehe. btw, i added this blog already. naglaway ko sa picture dah, lami kaau ang bihon.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

wow! grabe jud ka ha, naa na jud ka passion for cooking, hahahaha

Dezz said...

nice blog fel, will add this for sure.. thanks. sorry for the late reply ha bz man gud akng beauty lol. Anyways, hope you understand. Add naku ni sa akong 2 blogs. add mine too ok?
Lami cgr kau ka magluto fel ba.. share some recipes diha ha.

Felicity said...

salamat mga migas :)