Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Flowers

This is my second year as a mother and another year to celebrate the greatness of being a mother. I'll be a mother of two soon and I am so excited to see our lil angel coming out this year. So far, as a mom, it really feels good. I am a happy content Mom and I could never ask anything from God except that constant blessings and guidance. What about from my husband? Well, I don't need anything but a flower warms the heart. I am planning to do the same with my Mom. Since she lives far, I can just have a Mothers Day Flower Delivery. I can do it online and it would be easier for me. Did you guys know that we can get discounts online? Like, they have ProFlowers coupons for us to use in order to save. At times like this, we need to spend wisely but at the same time make our love ones happy. Try to visit their website and get the ProFlowers coupon codes. Hope my my mom will love the flowers, I am sure she will.

From my kitchen to yours, I am warmly greeting all moms out there a Happy Mother's Day especially to my dearest Mom!

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Anonymous said...

hey fel, how are you? i didnt know you are a mother of two soon. Do you have an fb acount i can add you on and whats your handle? Thanks!