Monday, September 12, 2011

Lavazza Coffee Beans

Have you heard of the Lavazza Coffee Beans? I am not a coffee addict so I am not really familiar with coffee beans. But I do drink coffee once in a while. It was only during my pregnancy that I always drink coffee. It was like a cup to two daily and it should be cold or iced coffee. The same with my second pregnancy. Pregnant women should avoid caffeine but a cup to three cups of coffee daily won't hurt the baby. Blame it to pregnancy hormones, I really loved the coffee aroma as well the taste that I really craved for it. I still drink up to now but not as much when I was pregnant. So this made me come across to Lavazza Coffee Beans.

My husband and I use the ground coffee beans. He brews it every morning and I take a sip if I am too lazy to make a cup. When I heard about Lavazza coffee beans, I would like to try it. I might get addicted to it just like my husband and who knows he might be hooked to it. I heard that Lavazza is Italy's #1 espresso coffee roasting company. They begin by selecting the best coffee beans that the world has to offer, and then roasts to perfection. It's their roast, which is much lighter than then flavor you may be accustom to from Starbucks, that allows for more of flavor of the bean and less of the bitterness to shine through. Because these beans are not oily on the outside, they work exceptionally well in superautomatic espresso machines and will not cause the level of clogging that oilier beans do.

If you are interested with it too, you might want to visit their website. Check it out now and let's make a cup to take a break.

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