Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Using Some Candy Corn Decor For Season-Long Decorations

Guest post written by Dana Cann

I really love decorating my home for the holidays, but I enjoy how it looks more than actually decorating. I actually hate the process of pulling everything out of storage and putting it all up, so I try to put up some decorations that will last for more than just one holiday. That can be a little tough for some holidays, but I think that a lot of fall decorations can last from the beginning of fall through Thanksgiving. Or at least all the decorations that I use last that long.

I looked online for some ideas with my wireless internet Nashville to find some good fall through Thanksgiving seasonal decorations.

I decided on using some candy corn decor because not only is it appropriate as fall decor, but it also is one of my favorite kinds of candy! It alsways makes me sad that I have to stock up on candy corn around Halloween because it isn't really sold outside of that season. So this is just one more way to celebrate it. Not all of my decorations now are candy corn themed, but there's defeintiely a good representation fo my favorite fall candy in the mix.

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