Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Have you heard of Airsoft? I heard it before and saw it on TV shows and movies and even on news. But I haven't tried or seen it in person. What is Airsoft?

I checked to see what Airsoft is all about. So it is a sports that has been quite popular nowadays. I thought it was a way of cooking food but it's not. People use guns with paintballs as bullets and play with it. It's like a game on computers that there are two groups which are against each other and they have to shoot the enemies and gain their flag to win. No one will be harm in this game since paintballs are used instead of bullets that can kill. The guns used here are designed to shoot paintballs. They will know if you get hit because of the paintballs. Paint with a color will be marked on your clothes or body. It sounds fun but a bit painful too when you get hit. I saw people using it in movies and I know a few of my friends that play it. They are having fun and I would like to try it someday. I need to practice shooting first because I am not good at it. How about you?

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AguiLeon said...

ako din na balitaan ko na un matagal na sa ibang school may game na din silang airsoft parang libangan.

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