Monday, January 30, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

Content by Mitch Osborne
I have been a huge fan of sitcoms for a very long time. Friends is probably
my all time favorite but How I Met Your Mother is probably a pretty close second
if I were to rank them all. How I Met Your Mother is similar to Friends in that
it is about a group of twenty somethings most of whom are not married and who
all like to gather together at a local restaurant. How I Met Your Mother is also
set in New York as is Friends. Ted Mosby is considered the main character in
this show because he is the one narrating each episode. The show is told like a
story where Ted is much older and is relating his life back to his children.
Each story is supposed to lead the children closer to how he me their mother
which is, of course, how they chose to name the show. This show has stayed on
the air for so many seasons because of the clever writing. You never really know
what to expect each time you watch a new episode. Check out directtv
online to find out when to catch How I Met Your Mother.

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