Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Internet at Home

Thanks to Erasmo CortezI’ve got to rush out of here on my lunch break to go home and meet the guys from clear internet at my house. They said they would be there between 12 and 1 to install our new internet system. I am really excited to have internet at home now. I’ve always had to wait until I got in to work to use the internet to email, etc, but now I will be able to do it right from home. It seems like more and more these days, people are relying on email as the primary way of communicating and sending information. It was just becoming to stressful to have to wait to get that information until I got into the office. It was really tough on the weekends. The final straw was when my son’s teacher emailed everyone on Friday with some information regarding an assignment that was due on Monday. I left work before she had sent that email, and we didn’t have that bit of information that would have made the assignment much easier for us.

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mam, unsa-on pag luto guisadong atay sa manok with potato? thanks